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Jade Hayes - USA Beach Handball Player

Britton - Former Collegiate Football Player, Current Beach Volleyball Player

Cecilia Agraz - Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Wes - Former Collegiate Baseball Pitcher, Current Recreational Athlete

Adelle - 82 yo Cancer Survivor

When I started PT, I had constant neck and arm pain, with continual numbness in my hand, all caused by a pinched nerve and deterioration in my upper spine. At this point, I had given up hope of resuming some of my favorite activities – surfing and piano playing. But to make things even more serious, I was struggling just to get through each day at my office job. Sitting for long periods doing conference calls and emails was getting to be an every day challenge. Being the sole provider for a family of four, I was worried about my ability to keep up with my responsibilities. My usage of ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medicines was continually increasing, and I was concerned about the long-term effects on my health. As most people are now aware, these drugs are hard on the stomach and liver.

Frustration and even some depression came over me, while various doctors simply told me that surgery was not recommended, and I could either live with this condition or go to physical therapy. I wasn’t very excited about PT either, because in my prior experience with PT for my neck, the six sessions that were prescribed gave me very little relief. I only received actual hands on treatment for a total of 15 minutes. Lisa got my attention immediately, in the first session, because she seemed very serious about treating me – but she was kind at the same time.

I very quickly changed my entire attitude about PT. Within three or four sessions, my mobility was increasing, and pain levels were decreasing. I was back in the water surfing within about four weeks, which absolutely amazed me. I think it was a combination of Lisa’s hands on work (and she works extremely hard), the numerous exercises that I was shown and her encouragement. These are all very important for successful PT. Lisa’s knowledge and skill are both off the charts, but I think my favorite thing about working with her has been the kindness she has shown me. She has always been so patient with my questions, and I never felt like I was being judged when I would have a setback.
I’ve been seeing Lisa for about two years now. She has helped me recover from several minor injuries that I sustained while competing in professional beach volleyball as well as some lingering pains from my indoor volleyball career. I would highly recommend Lisa not only to those who are injured, but also those who wish to avoid future injury. Lisa has provided me with exercises to strengthen my weak areas to reduce the likelihood of injury. This is what sets her apart from other physical therapists! By working with Lisa, you will really learn how your body works, will become more cognizant of your movements and the impacts of them, and will gain practical ideas for how to improve your own strength.
Unlike other physical therapists I have seen in the past, Lisa spends a good deal of time on injury assessment prior to treatment. This really gives me piece of mind because she has discovered areas of weakness in my body that were actually the root cause of my issues. This way, we have been able to work on injury recovery and identify how I actually became injured in the first place. She really approaches injury recovery and prevention holistically!
I’ve worked with many physical therapists, and Lisa is the best. I started seeing Lisa after a knee injury, and even simple tasks like walking were a huge obstacle. I was convinced I would need surgery, but after a month of working with Lisa I was pain-free and back to my normal activities. I couldn’t recommend Lisa more!
Working with Lisa was outstanding and better than I could have hoped for! She is a knowledgeable professional who deeply cares about her patients and their rehabilitation journey. She is very well trained and her knowledge of human anatomy is impressive. She was able to work with me to create realistic goals and remained encouraging throughout the entire process. Her bedside manner is fantastic. Based on challenges I was experiencing with work, she was able to help me adjust my habits and improve my ergonomics in day to day tasks. I would not have been able to continue my career if it was not for Lisa. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physical therapist!

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