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Lisa Reed, PT, DPT

I earned my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California and have since worked with patients of all ages and diagnoses and a wide variety of athletes from the high school to the professional level - including elite athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC and AVP. I learned how to successfully integrate rehabilitation and performance at the highest level while working with the Arizona Cardinals at Fischer Sports Institute in Phoenix, AZ. My passion for the profession stems from my own background as a competitive athlete, and therefore I understand the value of approaching recovery with the same diligence as one approaches practice in preparation for competition.

My mission is to provide physical therapy and injury prevention services that offer one-on-one evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunction. My goal is to deliver unparalleled results by providing undivided attention, hands-on manual therapy, and individualized exercise programs that bridge the gap between rehabilitation, injury prevention, and sports performance.


“Live life active. I’ve learned through my PT career thus far that in order to care for everyone else’s bodies day in and day out, I must also take care of my own mind, body, and spirit. My motto has always been “practice what you preach” so this 2019 beach volleyball season I plan to fuel the fire, feed the soul, and chase the dream alongside my 3 sponsored athletes and long time friends Miles Evans, Katie Spieler, and Cassie House. Huge thank you to our team sponsors Blenders Eyewear, Vital Sportswear, and Theragun, and to our collaborative partners AVP Academy, Shoulder Sphere, and Ooofball for supporting my physical therapy practice while simultaneously promoting an active lifestyle that keeps us all healthy, happy, and young at heart!”